FAA Urging Operators To Register Unmanned Aircraft

Recreational users of unmanned aircraft systems were the first group encouraged to sign up for the Federal Aviation Administration’s voluntary registry, but now the federal agency is asking other users to jump aboard.

In the Federal Register this week, the FAA officially notified owners of small unmanned aircraft systems used for commercial, public and other non-model aircraft operations that they can use its online portal to register their aircraft.

The system opened up to those users March 30, according to an FAA news release.

Previously, these UAS owners had to fill out paperwork and mail it to the FAA Registry in Oklahoma City in order to receive an N number for their aircraft — a process known to take weeks.

The FAA touts the online registration as a significantly faster and easier process. Registration for operators is $5 per aircraft, the same fee paid by manned aircraft owners.

UAS owners who already registered in the paper-based system and received an N-number do not have to register again, the release said.

FAA registration 2
Source: Federal Aviation Administration.