FAA Evaluating Remaining Section 333 Exemption Petitions Ahead Of New Regulation Start Date

Since the release of Part 107 last week, the Federal Aviation Administration is continuing to grant commercial exemptions but that process will be changing.

The agency is evaluating remaining petitions for Section 333 exemptions to determine if the a business or individual’s proposed operations fall within the parameters established by Part 107, which will become active in late August.

Regulations.gov, the site where petitions are placed for public comment, has been flooded with a notice from John Duncan, director of flight standards service for the FAA.

The notice tells current petitioners the FAA is reviewing their request to determine if they fall into one of three categories summarized below:

Section 333 - Part 107

Under Part 107, operations that would require waivers include flying at night or beyond visual line of sight.

You can read Duncan’s entire letter here: Part 107 notice to Section 333 petitioners.

Since September 2014, the FAA has approved 5,489 commercial exemptions.