FAA Reminds Public Of Drone Safety Ahead Of Gift-giving Season

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season this past weekend, and it’s likely many shopping bags included at least one drone.

faa logoFrom inexpensive toys to professional-grade aircraft, it’s likely millions of drones will fly off store shelves before the new year. Last year, the Federal Aviation Administration estimated 1 million drones would be bought during the holiday season. With the technology’s growing popularity and use among businesses and hobbyists, it’s likely that estimate will be even bigger this year.

In a similar move to last year, the FAA is emphasizing future flyers prepare themselves before they let their new aircraft loose. The agency has released a new video reminding the public of the rules and regulations that safe drone pilots must follow.

Before flying outdoors, the first thing new pilots should do is register their aircraft at www.faa.gov/uas.  Hobbyists following model aircraft rules are given one identification number to apply to all their drones. Other users such as businesses must register each of their drones individually.

Two main points the FAA wants to highlight for any user is:

  • Don’t fly over people and respect the privacy of anyone on the ground.
  • Don’t fly near other aircraft or in restricted airspace, such as “No Drone Zones.”