‘A Whole New View’: Unmanned Aircraft Revolutionizing Engineering Sector

By Lisa Gibson
Prairie Business Magazine 

When GPS became available for surveying in engineering, it changed the industry, says Brady Woodard, construction engineering specialist for Moore Engineering Inc. in West Fargo, North Dakota.

“I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t grasp onto it. It was just the new way of the industry.”

Woodard and many of his counterparts see potential for unmanned aerial systems to bring a similar transformation to the engineering field.

UAS are most commonly used currently in engineering for surveying and in marketing and communications — capturing images and videos of sites before, during and after projects. But the opportunities to not only improve convenience in operations, but also increase efficiency, safety and overall capabilities are enormous.

“There’s a whole lot of potential out there for these that I don’t think half the people even realize — that we don’t even realize,” says Kyle Volk, engineer and geographic information system group leader for Moore, which specializes in civil engineering.

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