Flight School: Grand Forks Elementary Students Learn About Unmanned Aircraft

By Julia Cardi
Grand Forks Herald

The loud hum of drones filled the gym at Riverside Christian School in East Grand Forks Friday afternoon, and fascinated students watched them hover and spin around the room. They lit up with excitement looking through goggles linked to cameras on the drones and laughed when one crashed to the floor.

The activity was part of a special five-week curriculum with UND’s Aviation Education Student Outreach Program (AESOP) for Riverside Christian’s fifth- to eighth-graders. In addition to unmanned aircraft, the students have also learned about aerodynamics, flight planning, helicopters and hoverboards. The curriculum will culminate with the students doing flight simulations at UND.

“Aviation is great because it’s easy to be excited about,” said Abby Jarve, AESOP’s president and a junior at UND. “I don’t think kids realize that being a pilot or flying a UAS or RC helicopter is an option as a career until someone brings it up to you.”

For Friday’s demonstration, Jarve enlisted the help of UND’s student club for unmanned and remote-controlled aircraft.

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