Unmanned Aircraft Light Shows Could Rival Fireworks

This started popping up on my news feed this week. Intel released the video Wednesday, which depicts a swarm of unmanned aircraft lighting up in sync in the night sky. It has people asking the question of “Can these replace fireworks?” The ensuing Facebook debates feature very staunch supporters of our favorite Fourth of July…
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Legislative Landscape Continues To Develop For UAS

Discussions of unmanned aircraft systems and regulating their use continue to occur in state legislatures across the country. With the number of operators ever increasing, it’s likely more of these discussions are set to come, though many of those operators would point out that the technology has outpaced regulations for some time now. While the…
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Toronto Company Receives First Commercial Exemption For Nighttime UAS Flights

Industrial Skyworks of Toronto has received the first commercial exemption for flying unmanned aircraft that allows operations at night. The company specializes in aerial building inspections and plans to use high definition and thermal cameras to identify safety issues, energy leaks and other potential problems with a structure using an unmanned aircraft, according to a news…
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VIDEO: Cafe A Look Into The Future Of Domestic Drones

You like your drinks shaken, not stirred? How about flown? As in flown to you by a drone? It was possibility this past weekend during the “Dream and Dare” festival held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Eindhoven University in the Netherlands. Nearly 20 university students set up a cafe where patrons were served drinks by an…
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WATCH: Tour Sky’s Restaurant In Grand Forks Via Drone

Aerial videography is one of the most popular uses of unmanned aircraft in the United States, but all that filming isn’t happening outside. Here’s a video posted by local company SkySkopes giving viewers a tour of Sky’s restaurant in downtown Grand Forks.